• 22 channels into 4600 watts F.O.H.
  • 4 monitor mixes at ~350 watts each (1400 watts total)
  • Full drum mic-ing
  • Full instrument mic-ing
  • 4 D.I.s on hand
Full system requires two 20 Amp breakers (Not outlets, separate breakers) plus at least two 20 Amp
breakers for lighting if used. The alternative is to tie into a breaker panel with a portable distro.
Panel must be within 100 feet of the stage and have two adjacent free spaces.

#1 - Rig :
Front of House

2 -
Yorkville U15P
2 - Yorkville UCS1P

Monitor System

4 -
Yorkville E10P (Front Line)

Mix Position

1 -
Behringer MX9000 Mixing Console
1 -
Alto ACL4 4-ch Comp/Limiter  
1 -
ART XL231 Graphic EQ  
1 -
Yorkville SN-244X 100' XLR Snake
2 -
ART 341 Graphic EQ  

#2 - Rig

1- Behringer XENYX 2442FX Mixing Console
Yorkville E10P (FOH)
Yorkville LS720P (FOH)
Yorkville E10P (Monitor)
Alto ACL2 compressor/limiter
ART 355 graphic equalizer
ART 341 graphic equalizer

Lakeside Audio has the ability to divide any portion of this system to do smaller gigs. Also, if your
event has multiple stages I have several smaller systems to cover.

Here are some services Lakeside Audio has provided:

Entertainment Coordinator and Sound Contractor for the Niagara Chamber
of Commerce Niagara Community Expo

Entertainment Coordinator and Sound Contractor for Wilson Memorial Day

Sound Contractor for Kenan Center 100 American Craftsmen

Sound & Lighting Contractor for Wilson Field Days and Wilson Field Days
Parade & Emcee

Sound Contractor for American Heart Association Heart Walk in Lewiston

Sound & Lighting Contractor for the Niagara Celtic Heritage Society Festival
Copyright © 2008 Lakeside Blues
Band ®.
All Rights Reserved.
This price list is only a guideline for pricing an event. The price of every event
based on factors such as type of venue, duration, number of acts, driving distance,
and a number of other conditions. Please contact Lakeside Audio via e-mail or
phone to get a quote for your event.



Single Band $200
Up to 3 bands $300
Showcase/Battle $500
Over 50 miles add $50
Guest Engineer* $50


Festivals, First Day $750
Festivals, Add'l Day $600
Out of state, add $400


Theatrical - 10 Day (Tech + Run) $2000
Theatrical - Engineer only $TBD
Wireless mic rental $100/ea/wk typ.

Recording - Live Show $30
Recording - Live Show w/ Mixdown $75
Recording - Archival (ie. Christmas Concert $100)

* For Lakeside Audio to mix your band at a club, not a charge for your engineer to
mix on Lakeside Audio's rig. Guest engineers are welcome by prior arrangement
and/or at Lakeside Audio's discretion.  
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